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"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." - Abraham Lincoln

Why Use The Lincoln Vestigator?

Great Features You'll Love

With 7 categories on the SEO report and over 50 specific data checks on your page, you can be sure that you are getting the whole truth about your links.

Beautiful Analysis

What good is data if you can't understand it? None. That's why we took the time to meticulously craft the SEO reporting interface to make comprehension as easy as possible. Beauty and the beast!

Actionable Insights

Tired of data overload? So are we, that's why we get to the point and only show the data that helps you better understand your market position and make smarter decisions.

Everything In One Place

Do not waste your time copying and pasting data together from different tools, the Lincoln Vestigator pulls all the SEO data into one structured report for easy analysis.

Cross Referenced Data

Forget the other tools that just show you your data. The Lincoln Vestigator cross analyzes your data to get the real information you are looking for in your SEO reports.

Learn Where You Can Increase Your On Page SEO

Take the guess work out of figuring out what needs optimized on your pages. The Lincoln Vestigator shows which SEO elements are working well and which things need some attention.

Free To Use

Free as in beer, and we love free beer! This tool costs nothing to use, but gives back so much. It's like a freind who helps you move and brings a six pack to celebrate. Cheers to that guy!

Free Advice

Take it or leave it, but we've heard it's helpful. Not only do you see the raw data, but we give you some free advice about how to improve your results as well. Now you can be the office hero, without any of the seminars!


Questions and Answers

You have questions, we have answers. Below are some of the most common things we here from our users.

What does this do?

This tool scans the website you enter and then analyzes the on page content alongside of 3rd party data to bring you a comprehensive look at the SEO structure of a web page. Gain insights into major SEO issues and simple tasks that can bring you more SEO power.

How Accurate are the results?

Generally, this data is very accurate. We try to test for the tools and on page content in a way that fits most everyone's websites. However, due to the differences amoung websites, this may cause some data to be inaccurate if your site is heavily customized. Additionally, over time some 3rd party tools may become unreliable.

Are there accounts with more features?

Accounts are in the works with plans to bring more high value data and automated reports. Interested? You can sign up to be alerted of when these accounts are coming, and you'll receive a little discount as a reward for your curiosity.

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